Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Events, New Vacation, New York!!

FIRST...I just want to give a big THANK YOU to my new friends\followers\blog visitors! Everyone has been very nice and welcoming. It's very encouraging!!

A few events are taking place back home in New York.
First...my big brother just had a new baby...well...not him exactly....but his wife...hahaha.
Anyway, it's their first child...he's a boy...his name is Jahsiah (Ja-sy-yah). Beautiful, right?!
Second my dad is turning 60!!!Crazy right! He doesn't look a day over 59...just kidding!

I am taking all my vacation time and going home!! Yay!!! Road trip!! Yes...I'm driving. It was actually Caity's idea....I was trying to find a flight and she knows how much I hate to fly and she turned to me and said "Mom, why don't we just drive to NY?" and I'm like "Good idea, baby!" So we're driving...me and a friend will be sharing the drive. We're leaving tomorrow morning and should be in NY on Thursday...God willing.

Check back for pictures from our drive and of my hometown NEW YORK!

Here are a few pics of the beginning of an afghan for my new nephew and of my dad!

Ahh...getting some fresh air

Can you see Caity's baby? LOL

  You can't see in this pic...but the yarn is really a dark blue

Just a few squares but now that I'm on, a much needed, vacation I should finish it a lot quicker

Me and Dad, ain't he handsome!

OK, friends be sure to check in for updates. I will post more since I'm on VACATION!! Yippee!!!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Thanks to Nana!!!

Today's blog is gonna be for my nana...yesterday was her 85th birthday. She's not into big celebrations these days so my cousin, Caity and I went over for a nice dinner and cake.

As some of you know, my grandmother taught me to crochet. It all began with her...I was probably 7 or 8 when she put the hook into my hand and forced me to learn...yes forced! At 7...I just wanted to be outside in the pool...not cooped up in the house..in hot sunny Florida...on my summer vacation...with YARN!!
While my brother and boy cousins were outside chasing the ducks and chickens (yes my nana had...still has..ducks and chickens...she's Jamaican..in Florida...HELLO!!)...anyway, while the boys were out having a good ole time...we (me and my two girl cousins) were inside learning to crochet.
After the first whining session I actually liked it.We learned the foundation chain and then to join and single and double crochet. We made ruffle collars for our pet ducks and ruffle coasters...very cute. I went home to NY and it was back to school and friends...my hook and yarn left behind in Florida.
I wasn't until I was pregnant and on maternity leave when I went by a craft store (actually looking for a cross stitch pattern) and bought my own hook (size K/10.5- 6.5mm) and yarn and yarn book (have no idea where that is now lost in the move)...and it was like riding a bike...like jumping back on a horse...like...well you get the picture. I made my nana a throw for the bottom of the her bed, which she still has!

My nana is multi talented as I'm sure most women her age are...the pioneers of DIY..sewing, cooking, knitting, crocheting, raising babies! It's funny how they teach you things early on that you may have hated to learn because you wanted to be hip...down...moving with the times..out with you friends...and what they were teaching were the "old ways"...NOW...TODAY...I wouldn't be where I am...creating new things everyday and LOVING it... if it wasn't for my grandmother.

Thank you, Nana...the Queen in our family...the foundation chain in my life! I love you!!

My brother, Nana, and me..rocking the OshKosh B'gosh (it was the 80's)

That's my Papi trying not to laugh! Nana with Caity

Dad, Caity and Nana


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creative Nook

So I'm sure everyone has a little "nook". That place in your house/apartment/villa/casa where you can sit with your yarn & hook and create amazing things. For me it's my couch...I know, so simple and common right? But my couch is the first piece of furniture I bought for me and Caity. Its a chocolate leather recliner that has become soft from wear...I sit in my little corner with my teal throw (my favorite), surrounded by yarn and hooks and crochet til my heart's content. I also use my nook as a backdrop in most of my pictures.

Here is a purse I made for Caity...no pattern...no rules...just me...in my nook...being creative...

My beautiful girl and my top model :)

Where is your Creative Nook?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello Blogger World

After much persuasion from my close friend I have decided to start this blog. Isn't it nice to be blessed with loving friends who see the potential and give you that extra push. Check out my amazing friend here.

I love to crochet..my grandmother taught me when I was little but it wasn't until recent years that I truly started pushing myself and enhancing my skill level.
I have recently started selling my items and will be opening my etsy shop in the very near future. I am truly blessed and very excited for what the future holds.

Here are two of my favorite creations...hope you enjoy

The beginning of an amazing hat...don't you just love my stitch marker :)

Without and with the bow...which to you prefer?  

Didn't even know what I was going to make

The begining of a bag

This is my bible bag. It is about 11 inches long and 8 inches wide...I used single and double crochet.

If you like these please follow me to see more of my many other creations.