Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello Blogger World

After much persuasion from my close friend I have decided to start this blog. Isn't it nice to be blessed with loving friends who see the potential and give you that extra push. Check out my amazing friend here.

I love to grandmother taught me when I was little but it wasn't until recent years that I truly started pushing myself and enhancing my skill level.
I have recently started selling my items and will be opening my etsy shop in the very near future. I am truly blessed and very excited for what the future holds.

Here are two of my favorite creations...hope you enjoy

The beginning of an amazing hat...don't you just love my stitch marker :)

Without and with the bow...which to you prefer?  

Didn't even know what I was going to make

The begining of a bag

This is my bible bag. It is about 11 inches long and 8 inches wide...I used single and double crochet.

If you like these please follow me to see more of my many other creations.


  1. Awesome! So happy to see you enter the blogger world. Cant wait to see more for you love!

  2. i love this piece, you are an artist!


  3. Very talented lady :)) So glad you found my blog :))
    I will be back to see what next that hook and you have been making :))

  4. Welcome to the blogging world! I started blogging this year and am having fun writing about all my crochet projects and checking out what others are up to.


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