Friday, July 20, 2012


I am so happy to be nominated for One Lovely Blog Award!!! My fellow blogger friend Beck, who has an amazing blog Beck to Vintage, is the one who nominated me!! Thanks Beck, your amazing!!!

This is actually the second time I've been nominated. The first time I was I little confuse..but I will not embarrass myself by giving details of my silliness.... on with the show!!!

1) Show your Thanks: Thank the person who awarded the honor and link them back

2) Share seven things about yourself
1- I LOVE JESUS...above all things
2- I am a single mother of a beautiful 10 yr old girl...she is awesome!!
3- I've had this blog for less then 2 months and have enjoyed meeting new friends!
4- I love football..GO STEELERS!!
5- Caity and I love musicals...especially Hello Dolly!!
6- Love Barbra Streisand
7- Creating things with my see someone wearing something I made...makes me smile...warms my a blessing!

3) Nominate up to 15 blogs that you admire

4) Contact each blogger by leaving a comment with them about their award

Congrats to you all! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I love doing hats! Adding flowers or bows...different colors...for babies and adults!! I am always getting request to do more hats. They are so fun to do and quick to crochet.

Here are some of my favorite hats...

All white hat I did for a baby of my first brim hats

I loved this hat!!! Made it with Simply Soft yarn

Herbal Life Slouchy

Black and Pink Slouchy

My friend's daughter rockin her Monster High beanie (made with Red Heart shimmer)...her "homeboy pose" lol

Split shell beanie...again Shimmer from Red Heart

I love this yarn...its all one skein!!!!

Pretty in Pink

Made this for a friend is UM colors for her baby!

On of my favorite favorites!!

I love this flower!!!

Here is another friend's daughter that I make all these type of hats for...she wears them all the time...even in the summer...which in FL is all!

Red Hats...made them for her and her sisters

I use several different patterns from pattern books I've purchased at 123Stitch or from yarn stores. Some I've found from Valliekids and Stitch of love. Some are a combination of what I've learned.

I love the crafter community...everyone is always sharing like Shari and Debi name a few.

Thank you, Ladies...I think you are all amazing!!!

They taught me to always make sure to give credit to those who share.  I hope that I am doing that...I am still new to the blog world.... so please feel free to give me advice on how to........share :)

Thank you all!! I am so happy for all the lovely comments and the visits and followers!!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Words, Words, Words

On my previous post I guess I must have worded it incorrectly and it seems as if I have moved back to NY. I apologize for this. I recently drove to NY to visit with my family but I am still here in FL. As much as I love life is now here in Florida and I am happy to be back.

Isn't it crazy how we can word something incorrectly and it can take over a whole new meaning! We must be careful with our words. This was just a small thing on my blog but it has me thinking about a lot of things!

The words we say to one another..good or bad...can have a real affect. I recently read a blog where a wonderful person had some not too nice words said about them. I joined the blog world to to share with others, not only my creations but also a little piece of me. Let's face it, friends....when we blog we are sharing a piece of our lives with others. Let's be kinder and nicer to each other...let's enjoy each other...encourage one another...

"Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;" -Romans 12:10

The most powerful words in my life is God's Word! He loves us all so let's love one another as He loves us!

For more encouraging words...check out this awesome blog!
I love you all!!!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hello ALL!!!

I'm back!! Sorry, I've been away from my blog for sooo long!! I was just enjoying time with my family. I got to see me nephew (Thank you Lord!) and my brother and hang with my parents. You know how sometimes you have a plan but then when you get there...the plan goes out the window? Well, thats what happened!!! I just went with the flow. It was awesome! Man, I missed being in New York...but I'm happy I'm back home.

Here are some of my pics:

Saw this on the drive up to NY!!

This is my home!! Up state in Westchester, NY...ain't it purty?

First time I had pizza in TWO years!!! Had to have double dose of Lactaid!!

Our view from the dinner crusie we took my dad on for his bday!! SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Me and my angel!!

My parents!

The new towers!!!


Movie Night! "Brave"...awesome movie!! Mothers take your daughters!!

My big brother!! Love you, D!!!

My brother's view from his office

Times Square!!! Many it was CRAZY!! I had fun...but my feet were killing me by the end of the seems living in FL...I've forgotten how to walk!!! LOL

Can you see the all the people? CRAZY!!

Trying to be

A hat I made for Jahsiah...cute right!

A hat I made for my sister-in-law!

I did make a few other things for the baby but I didn't take pics of those :( hopefully my sister-in-law will take some and send them.

Hope you enjoyed my array of pictures!!!