Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Hello ALL!!!

I'm back!! Sorry, I've been away from my blog for sooo long!! I was just enjoying time with my family. I got to see me nephew (Thank you Lord!) and my brother and hang with my parents. You know how sometimes you have a plan but then when you get there...the plan goes out the window? Well, thats what happened!!! I just went with the flow. It was awesome! Man, I missed being in New York...but I'm happy I'm back home.

Here are some of my pics:

Saw this on the drive up to NY!!

This is my home!! Up state in Westchester, NY...ain't it purty?

First time I had pizza in TWO years!!! Had to have double dose of Lactaid pills..lol!!

Our view from the dinner crusie we took my dad on for his bday!! SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Me and my angel!!

My parents!

The new towers!!!


Movie Night! "Brave"...awesome movie!! Mothers take your daughters!!

My big brother!! Love you, D!!!

My brother's view from his office

Times Square!!! Many it was CRAZY!! I had fun...but my feet were killing me by the end of the day...it seems living in FL...I've forgotten how to walk!!! LOL

Can you see the all the people? CRAZY!!

Trying to be cute...lol

A hat I made for Jahsiah...cute right!

A hat I made for my sister-in-law!

I did make a few other things for the baby but I didn't take pics of those :( hopefully my sister-in-law will take some and send them.

Hope you enjoyed my array of pictures!!!



  1. Hi dear Jaclyn, First of all you have a very beautiful angel..:))
    God bless you and all your sweet family..
    It is so hard to move different city and accommodate new places.. You the city which you live is awesome I think.. Very crowded but enjoyable..:))
    I wish you and your family a very happy life in your new city..
    All best wishes..

  2. Hi Jaclyn - just found your blog through Lucy's Blog. I love all your photographs. NY is somewhere I would love to visit someday. Gwen

  3. I would love to visit New York, and your home looks lovely! So cosy looking :D

  4. I want to go to new york! take me!!!!

  5. love your pictures! I met my husband in upstate and we took a day trip to NYC... we walked for 12 hours straight... wew were we tired! looks like a nice time with family.


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