Monday, September 14, 2015

Don't Get Distracted

 Hello loves!
Sometimes we are faced with things in our life that can distract us for the blessings that we have received from the Lord. 
For example...your car breaking down, an expensive AC repair, a leak that ruined your newly installed wood floors, or even the lost of a job. The enemy uses these things, big or small, to try to distract us from the amazing things that the Lord is doing for us. 
Trust that the Lord has made provisions for you.
Before you get upset or feel hurt think about what the Lord has done for you. 
Hold on to the fact the He loves you and is always with you.

Trust me, being home on bed rest has not been the easiest however, the Lord has blessed me with a husband, family and church that have supported me through this time. 
I have been given another chance to be a mother, the greatest gift in the world and I am truly thankful for all these things, the good and the bad, because they only bring me closer to the Lord.


Here is my newest creation...pattern from, Petal Floral baby Afghan:

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