Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Gift

Hello Loves!

I think we forget how lucky we are as women!
We get to be apart of the amazing gift of bringing another human into the world. 

Made through love, this little being comes into our lives and is totally dependent on us. 
To them we are their world...they look to us for love, warmth, food, guidance. They only know how to love us, despite what we think of ourselves, all they know is that we are theirs. 
They developed within us...their lives depended on our lives.

This is truly a gift that the Lord has given us. Think about how strong we are to have an actual human being growing inside of us, becoming their own person. 
Sometimes we don't always make it through...sometimes we suffer a loss but we never give up. 
How strong are we that we can try again. Whether we make it through the first time or this is our second, third time, we give our bodies over to the gift of carrying another. 
Whatever fear we may have will not stop us, what ever obstacles we may face will not deter us.

As I enter into my 30th week of pregnancy and feel the movements of my son, I become overwhelmed with joy of being blessed by the Lord with this gift. I thank Him for allowing me to be apart of something truly amazing.

We have been given the gift of motherhood, rebirth but remember the world was given the gift of women. 
Know that you are a gift, live like you are special because you are. We are important! We are here to love, nurture, support and to live life beyond ourselves.

Me at 28 weeks

Here are a few pictures of dresses I made and sold this past week. My first time making dresses and I loved them!

Next project: granny square afghan


  1. Congratulations on baby to be. My eldest boy just turned 20 yesterday. Yikes! Where does time go? My youngest will be 17 the end of the month. I do miss those little boy days. Very sweet little dresses. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. Hey Tammy! 20 and 17 big boys. Time does fly and I can't wait to start building memories with my boy when he gets here! Thanks for your comment! Love your blog!

  2. Wonderful post! I love it:)


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