Wednesday, October 21, 2015


So many ideas so little time!!!

Ever get excited about starting a new project? Then weeks come across an awesome pattern and you decided to start it just to see how it looks? Then a few days later you're at the yarn store and you come across this beautiful skein of yarn that you have to make it into something beautiful?
Before you know it, you're surrounded by half finished projects.
This is what I call my WIP ADD= Work In Progress ADD. 
I have so many ideas and I get easily distracted. 
Don't get me wrong there are times when I don't move from my couch all day and can't hear anything when I'm working on a new pattern. 
My husband will leave in the morning and I am just starting a foundation chain. He comes home and I am counting the chains between tr shells. He says "Hey babe" and I say "3,4,5." 
Hahaha. You know what I'm talking about!!

So how do I focus on one project at a time? How do I decided which to finish and which to put to the side? Well if I'm making something for someone I usually try to get that done before touching anything else. However if I'm just randomly making something because I love the pattern...its hard not to get distracted. 

So what do you do? Do you have WIP ADD? Share with me. I'd love to hear from you.

Here are a few pics of some of my WIPs:

Blanket for baby

Endless Granny Square Throw

This was going to be a flower halter top

But it didn't work out

So I started a new pattern

A pineapple tank top

Booties for baby

Baby beanie for a friend

What do you guys think? Let me know. Hopefully I will have some finish pictures for you all in a few weeks.

Have a great week! Be blessed!! Love to create!!

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